Printer Imaging Drums

If you’ve got a laser printer you probably know it has toner cartridges which contain toner powder and periodically these need replacing when they run out of toner.

Another important component in most laser printers is the ‘image drum’. This is a cylinder that fuses toner powder from the cartridges onto the paper to create text and images. Image drums are also called imaging units, drum units, or photoreceptor drums – all different names for the same thing.

Unfortunately image drums wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced.  A worn out drum unit can cause streaks, smudges, and blank spots on your printed pages, even if you just inserted a new printer toner. If you don’t replace the drum eventually your printer will stop printing. The time to replace the drum unit is when you get white lines on your pages.

We have replacement image drums for Brother, HP, & OKI laser printers at competitive prices – check them out.

[Note, not all laser printers have both toner cartridge and imaging drums. Some smaller laser printers have combo-cartridges that contain both these components in one single unit].

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