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Meet Mark Sceats, tech aficionado, gadget fanatic, and co-owner of Good Egg - New Zealand's go-to for discounted printers and printer consumables.

Since his first computer in the early '90s, Mark has been scratching his head at one peculiar paradox: Why are we still so print-happy in the promised age of the 'paperless office'?

But instead of merely pondering this conundrum, Mark decided to channel his passion for technology and love for a good bargain into a solution. Enter Good Egg, where Mark and team work tirelessly to make sure that your printer doesn't eat up your wallet.

Mark is on a mission to save New Zealanders from the tight grips of expensive printing. He's set his sights on making brands like HP, Canon, Epson, Fuji Xerox, and Brother just a tad less delighted at your expense. Good Egg's goal? To keep your printers fed and your bank account happy.

Mark's owned various inkjet and laser printers over the years. Currently he has a Brother DCP1610 and a Brother MFC-9970CDW.

When he's not busy toppling printer ink prices or getting his hands on the latest gadget, Mark enjoys the great outdoors with a focus on running, skiing and fishing. Sadly, all of which he's getting worse at.