Frequently Asked Questions

Printer Ink & Toner FAQ

ink toner faq

How Do I Find The Correct Replacement Cartridge For My Printer?

To make sure you choose the correct cartridges for your printer, simply enter your printer model here.

What Is The Difference Between The XL And Standard Products?

Both cartridges are the same size but you’ll pay more if you purchase an XL (high-yield) printer cartridge. However, XL cartridges have a lower cost per page than standard cartridges, and are more economical in the long run.

Not all printers accept XL cartridges however, and the extra you pay is only of real value if you print enough to make it worthwhile. 

What Do You Mean By Genuine, Original Or OEM?

When we refer to Genuine, Original, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), or Branded products we mean the products supplied by the original manufacturer. This includes companies like Brother, HP, and Canon, for instance, when we’re talking about printer parts and supplies for the printers they produce. A genuine, original, OEM or branded Brother ink was made by Brother for a specific Brother printer.

What’s The Difference Between Remanufactured And Compatible Ink Cartridges?

Compatible or aftermarket ink and toner cartridges are brand new cartridges manufactured by a third party. 

Remanufactured inks and toner, on the other hand, are genuine manufacturer cartridges which have been recycled, cleaned, rebuilt and refilled by a third-party company.

Can Compatible Inkjet Or Toner Cartridges Damage My Printer?

At Good Egg, we only sell ISO-9001 certified inks and toners. These cartridges are made to the same high standards as the genuine products marketed by printer manufacturers, and have the same shape, size and volume. And, in some cases, the original inks and the compatible inks are made by the same company.

Just as it is highly unlikely that genuine inks and toners will damage your printer, the same is true of using the third-party compatible and remanufactured inks and toners we supply.

That said, if it is proven that our third-party inks or toners have damaged your printer, we will repair your printer (or replace it, if necessary) with an equivalent or better replacement up to the value of $1,000+GST.

Want to know more about using compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges? Read our recommendations on how to save on printer ink and toner.

Will Using Compatible Or Remanufactured Cartridges Void My Printer’s Warranty?

Warranties and conditions vary by printer manufacturer, so check for any stipulations that you must only use original inks. Extended warranties are likely to obligate your use of original ink cartridges as a requirement.

Consider the likelihood of your printer needing repair (check user reviews for your printer if you’re unsure) and the associated repair costs. Now compare that against your savings in using third party inks and not paying for an extended warranty.

Good Egg's suppliers will repair or replace your printer (up to the value of $1,000+GST) if the third party ink or toner you bought from us is proven to be responsible for damaging your printer.

My Printer Uses Cartridges That Come With A Chip — Will Your Compatible Cartridges Work?

Yes. For any printer cartridges that need chips, the compatible cartridges we sell come with built-in chips. This saves you the bother of messing about trying to repurpose chips from genuine cartridges.

Why Are Compatible And Remanufactured Inks And Toners So Much Cheaper?

The question you should be asking is this: why are genuine inks and toners so expensive?

The answer is that when you purchase original printer ink, you’re not just paying for the ink.

You’re helping fund the manufacturer’s cost of research and development, for one thing.

You may also be paying off the actual cost of your printer (as some printers are sold at or below the cost of manufacture).

Third-party ink providers have none of the same overheads. What’s more, their generic ink and toner is engineered to work with a variety of printers from the same manufacturer, whereas genuine inks are developed to get the best results from specific printer models.

Do Compatible And Remanufactured Cartridges Print As Many Pages As Genuine Cartridges?

Yes, the stated page yield for our third-party printer cartridges is on par with the yield for similar volume genuine cartridges.

What Do I Do If Compatible Cartridges Do Not Work In My Printer?

First, use our ink and toner finder to check that you have the correct cartridge for your printer.

If you purchased the right cartridge for your printer from us, please get in touch for help with installation or to arrange for a replacement product (at no cost to you).

Issues with our compatible printer cartridges are rare, and running a printer cleaning cycle normally fixes any problems.

I Bought My Printer Overseas - Will Your Cartridges Work In It?

Please note that cartridges sold by Good Egg are intended only for use in printers made for and purchased in New Zealand. If you own a printer manufactured for a different market, our cartridges — genuine/original as well as compatible — may not work due to different firmware settings.

Order & Shipping FAQ

orders faq

Why am I being charged for shipping?

We offer free shipping on almost all items when orders are $75 or more.

The shipping costs for orders below $75 or large items that do not qualify for free shipping will be calculated and shown at the confirmation page before you submit your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Provided your order hasn’t been dispatched, we can cancel it for you. To cancel an order please call us as soon as possible on 0800 308080.

Please be aware that refunds for cancelled orders will incur a 5% deduction to cover administration and the payment gateway transaction fees.

To avoid cancellation charges, your payment can instead be used in full as a credit for future purchases and no charges will be deducted. 

When you cancel your order please let us know if you want a refund or credit.

What are backorders?

Backorders occur when a product is temporarily out of stock. These products can ordered and once the product is back in stock it will be shipped out. Essentially, it's like reserving an item that's currently unavailable.

How long do backorders take?

When out of stock products are available on backorder we display an estimated restock date which is provided by our suppliers. Please note this is an estimate and may change.

While backorders are prioritised and shipped immediately once in stock, we recommend placing backorders only if you are happy with waiting.

What if some items in my order are on backorder and some available?

Product in stock will be immediately dispatched, while any items on back order will be shipped later once they are back in stock.

No additional freight charges will be applied for order items on backorder.

Can I cancel a backorder?

Provided your backorder hasn’t been dispatched, we can cancel it for you. To cancel an order please call us as soon as possible on 0800 308080.

Please be aware that if your backorder item(s) were part of a bigger order and cancelling the backorder results in the order no longer qualifying for free shipping (i.e. total order value is now less than $75), then freight charges shall apply in addition to any cancellation fees. See 'Can I cancel my order?' FAQ. 

Cashback Offers FAQ

cashback faq

What are cashbacks?

Sometimes printers we sell have cashback offers.

Cashback offers are promotions where customers receive a portion of the purchase price back as a refund after buying a product. Essentially, it's like getting a discount after you've made the purchase and can be a great way for you to save extra money on your new printer.

Cashback offers only apply for purchases of qualifying products during specific periods.

How do I redeem a cashback offer?

Cashback promotions are run by the printer manufacturers and need to be redeemed directly with them via their website. Redemption details are shown on any products we offer which have a cashback promotion.

Typically the printer manufacturer requires you to register your product and provide evidence of purchase. The invoice we include with the email confirming your product has been shipped can be used for this. 

The important thing to be aware of is that cashbacks can only be redeemed for qualifying products purchased during the specified promotional period and must be redeemed before the close date specified by the manufacturer.