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Frequently Asked Questions

Genuine or Compatible?

Depending on your Brother printer model, a choice of genuine or compatible replacement toner cartridges may be available.

Genuine or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toner cartridges are made by Brother.

Compatible toner cartridges are brand new cartridges made by third-party manufacturers. 

When you require the very best quality printing from your printer we recommend you buy genuine Brother toner cartridges (if available). These are specifically engineered to provide the highest quality prints from Brother laser printers The genuine Brother toner cartridges sold by Good Egg are very competitively priced, so you can get the quality you need without breaking the bank.

As your printer gets older you may eventually find that genuine Brother cartridges are no longer available. 

The alternative compatible toner cartridges we offer, while not made by Brother, are guaranteed to work with your printer. If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing quality, these are a great option. Print yield and quality are similar to genuine cartridges but at a much lower price. Up to 70% cheaper!

The compatible toners sold by Good Egg are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. In addition, they come with a 12-month performance guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

OEM printer manufacturers are making it more difficult for customers to use compatible inks and toners by pushing automatic firmware updates that prevent printers from recognising them. This is seen as an unfair practice by many because it takes away the consumer's right to choose which products they use with their printer. (It's a bit like buying a car and then being told you can only use a particular brand of petrol).

The good news is that, in the event of a firmware update, the manufacturers of the compatible cartridges we sell quickly respond by updating their cartridge chips. This ensures cartridge compatibility with the latest firmware, allowing you to use them without any issues.

TIP - To ensure future firmware updates don't impact compatible cartridges you already own, we recommend changing your printer settings so that automatic firmware updates (which are on by default) are disabled.

Will Using Compatibles Void My Warranty?

It's important to be aware that the warranty of your Brother printer is voided if non-genuine consumables have been used. For that reason, you may decide it's prudent not to use compatible products until after the warranty period of your printer expires.

When you use compatible products supplied by Good Egg you're protected. In the unlikely event they are proven to have damaged your printer, our suppliers will repair, or if necessary, replace it with an equivalent model of the same or better specifications up to the value of $1,000. See warranty details here.

Standard or High Yield?

Depending on your Brother printer, toner cartridges may be available in both standard and high-yield versions.

Standard cartridges are cheaper, but they print less pages. High-yield cartridges cost more, but contain more toner, which means they can print more pages than standard-yield cartridges. 

OK - now we've stated the blindingly obvious, what are the pros and cons?

While high-yield cartridges cost more up-front, they’re generally cheaper in the long run due to their higher page-yields. This makes them a more cost-effective option for users who do a lot of printing.

To illustrate, if a standard-yield cartridge can print 1,000 pages and costs $50, while a high-yield cartridge can print 2,500 pages and costs $100, the cost per page would be $0.05 for the standard-yield cartridge and $0.04 for the high-yield cartridge. Over time, this difference in cost per page can add up significantly. 

In addition to being more cost-effective, high-yield cartridges can also save users time since they don't need to be replaced as often. This is particularly useful in office or business settings where there may be multiple users sharing a printer.

When choosing between standard and high-yield cartridges, it's important to consider your printing volume and budget. If you print frequently, a high-yield cartridge will be more cost-effective and convenient for you in the long run. However, if you print infrequently, a standard cartridge may be a better choice.

To help you chose the right cartridge, click on any of the cartridges listed above you'll see in-depth details including average page yield and the approximate cost to print 10 pages.

How do I Replace Cartridges?

When you notice that a cartridge is running low on toner or has become empty, replace it promptly to avoid any printing issues or damage to your printer.

Changing a toner cartridge is quick and easy. Go to this page on the Brother website for instructions on how to replace a toner cartridge in a Brother HL-2270DW. Before installing a replacement cartridge don't forget to gently shake it from side to side to distribute the toner inside evenly. Also ensure you remove any protective covers or seals from new cartridges before installing them.

Does My Printer Drum Needs Replacing?

The drum unit is an essential component of your printer that transfers toner onto paper. Over time, it can become worn and affect print quality. Make sure you clean the printer's drum unit, corona wire, and fuser unit every few months.

Replacing your drum won't be something you need to do that often, but when it's required don't put it off or eventually your laser printer will stop working.

The time to replace the drum is when you get white lines on your pages. Your printer will normally also show a message warning the drum needs replacing. A worn out drum unit can cause streaks, smudges, and blank spots on your printed pages, even if you just inserted a new printer toner cartridge. Replacing the drum unit in a HL-2270DW is straightforward if you follow these instructions from Brother.

What's the Best Way to Store Cartridges?

If you’re not going to immediately use your replacement cartridges, make sure you store them in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposing toner cartridges to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures as these can damage the cartridge and affect print quality.

Toner cartridges come in sealed protective bags that help prevent dust and debris from entering the cartridge before it's installed in your printer. Keep these seals intact until you're ready to use the cartridge. If you have multiple cartridges stored for long periods of time, it's a good idea to ensure older cartridges are used first.

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