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Page Yield & Print Costs

Page yields are estimates based on industry standards for measuring ink or toner cartridge yields. The manufacturer-rated page yield represents the average yield for a particular cartridge and printer when measured using the ISO test methodology, which is based on 5% toner or ink coverage per page.

Actual page yield depends on many factors such as the printer you use and what you are printing, as well as the temperature, humidity, and the type of paper you use.

As a convenience, Good Egg also provides an estimate of your cost to print pages for specific ink and toner cartridges. These costs do not include additional expenses such as your paper or other media costs, the price of your printer or replacement parts. Our estimates are simply based on the stated page yield per cartridge, and our average price per cartridge.

You should use page yield and cost per page estimates as a guideline when comparing printer cartridges (or printers). Importantly, page yield does not represent the exact or minimum number of pages you can expect to get when using a specific printer cartridge with your printer.